Cheaper Bricks option for Red Bricks

Major share in the construction of a building is of bricks. Conventional red bricks are manufactured from soil. This results in hammering Eco-system and environment. Then comes the need to move on from this option. Thus scientists invented fly ash bricks. Lighter, stronger and cheaper bricks were famous in no time. Eventually the prices of fly ash started booming as customer for fly ash increased.


But thanks to the friends from lucknow – Sandeep Yadav, Suyash Agnihotri and Shiyam Gupta, graduates of Sri Ram Swaroop Engineering College. They successfully used sludge and fly ash to manufacture bricks. Sludge from Sewage Treatment Plant and Fly ash which is also called as flue ash are used.




They have patented a method to manufacture bricks using sludge generated by Sewege Treatment Plant (STP) and fly ash. The cost of such a brick is only 64 paise.

The research have been published in International Journal of Advancements in Research and Technology (IJRAT). Moreover they have also received a patent for their invention.

These bricks are cheaper and environment friendly. With these bricks not only dreams of economically weak people but also allows middle class people to extend their dreams.


Sandeep says,

“Not only cost-effective, it is also environment friendly. STP sludge which is available free of cost was recycled and mixed with fly ash. The combination brought down the cost of brick to five times less,”


Suyash said incorporation of STP sludge into brick will also solve the issue of its disposal. The sludge is mostly disposed in nearby water body, This results in increase in aluminium concentration in water. According to researchers, it affects human bodies and mental health. It affects body via mental retardation and Alzheimer’s disease



  • Sludge –



It is a semi-solid slurry, produced from wastewater treatment processes or as a settled suspension obtained from conventional drinking water treatment and numerous other industrial processes.


  • Fly Ash –



Fly ash is one of the coal combustion products, with fine particles and light weight ash blown out with flue gas.

The sludge was collected from STP at Daulatganj, Lucknow and fly ash was taken from NTPC, Unchahar, Rae Bareli. STP sludge was crushed into a powder form. It was then sieved from a 75-micron sieve to finely divide sludge particles. Then sludge was mixed with fly ash. This paste was filled in a brick mould and compacted.

This mould is kept in sunlight for baking and after the mould is removed brick is ready!



Low cost bricks from complete waste is what we need today, isn’t it?

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