Use of Fly Ash to be Mandatory : Maharashtra Govt

Fly ash problem is at a critical stage nowadays. The ratio of fly ash production to fly ash utilization is drastically falling down. In order to deal with this issue Maharashtra Government has taken a serious step. Maharashtra Government has issued a GR regarding the use of FLY ASH products for various constructions.

Fly Ash Sthapatyablog

We at Sthapatyablog are here to put the whole thing in a much simpler way.

Fly Ash :

Fly ash is a Coal Combustion Product. The waste product produced by coal burning is a powder ash having cementitious properties. Due to it’s cementitious properties FLy ash is also being used in construction industry for small products like Fly Ash bricks, Cement Pole and artifacts manufacturing, concreting work and many more.


Fly ash bricks Sthapatyablog


Merits of using Fly Ash in Construction Industry:

  • Bricks are light weight and better in strength compared to conventional red bricks.
  • It is highly economical, environmentally friendly as the waste materials from industries are effectively being used to create quality building materials.
  • Fly Ash has very small particles which makes the concrete highly dense and reduces the permeability of concrete.
  • The concrete mixture generates a very low heat of hydration which prevents thermal cracking.
  • Fly Ash concrete is resistant to acid and sulphate attacks.
  • The shrinkage of fly ash concrete is very less.


The use of fly ash gives concrete good work ability, durability and finishing.

Fly as proves to be better in many aspects. Inspite of that the utilization of fly ash is very low. Rising in production and the exponential loss in utilization of Fly ash Government was very quick to notice the environmental changes. The efforts of Pollution Control Board were successful this time and the GR is circulated in Maharashtra for the compulsion of use of fly ash in cement products.

The GR no 201607261157578418 issued by Government of Maharashtra states that use of fly ash should be compulsory in any Cement products manufacturing or infra projects in 300 km radius of Power Plant and the expenditure of transportation of fly ash to the user or vendor should be borne by the Power Plant Management.

To strong arm this GR, MH Govt have referred to the Circulars issued by Central Environmental and Forest Ministry & Maharashtra Pollution Control Board in 2016.

You can Refer the file here : 201607261157578418.pdf


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